Plastic bottles, salt water, sand, wood, limestone, plaster, tissue, plastic, citric acid, light, stalactite, clay, paper

ca. 70 m²

Taking place in a ruin complex close by the castle of Bourglinster, Luxemburg

with Romain Simian


Painting and objects out of limestone, outside

Inside the tower, installation with plastic bottles and salty water dripping on sand

Hanging limestone objects and a model of the tower made out of paper in cave n° 1

Sculpture of wounded calcium bandages in acid basin, spot on found stalactites and smell of pine needles in cave n°2

Jars made of clay filled with limestone and citric acid


In one of the cellars of the ruins complex near Château Bourglinster, I discovered stalactites. They grow slowly through chemical process. Acid rainwater dissolves limestone from the wall and emerges as a stalactite on the ceiling. The stalactite forms circles, similar to tree rings, just hollow. Its structure is reminiscent to corals and bones. Alike the structure of a stalactite, the sculpture consists of wounded limestone bandages and is placed in an acid basin (citric acid). The individual layers are decomposed slowly in the basin. Both, the eroding sculpture and the growing stalactite face each other in opposition.


The ruin. A place between past and present, between civilization and what‘s outside civilization. As a memorable space, it is left to weathering. Unused, the ruin moves to the edge of society. Where is the border between civilization and wilderness? The stalactite proves to be a link, its position is not clearly assignable.


Calcium can appear in various states. It can be an integral part of geological processes of formation and development as well as the formation of biological material. The skeleton, the basic framework of our body, persits the longest, and erodes at last. With limestone as a material, the border between dead and life is blurring.

These temporal limits can‘t be exactly defined as the social placement of the ruins.



Limestone sculpture of ZWISCHENRANDORTE before and after staying for 2 months into the cave and in a citric acid bassin

Limestone sculpture, still eroding for the soundart event EXPERIMANCE 2.0 in Mauerpfeiffer, Saarbrücken. Citric Acid is constantly dripping from an illuminated canister onto the sculpture.