Partikuläres Kontinuum, 2016

installation, 3 kinetic objects

red earth, sand from sandstone, sand from an inland dune, wood, motor, light, metal, plastic

120 m²

with support of Romain Simian and Ingo Wendt


The work is taking place in the cellar of a former textile factory in Saarbrücken. An old empty space, that was reanimated by the temporary art collective and the exhibition with the same name <<tjurip>>.

Several kinds of dust, earth and sand were collected and filled into constructed machines: Red earth from Aveyron mixed with wood and sand, sandstone from an inland dune, fine, chipped wood. Three kinetic objects, whose mechanism is dropping constantly and slowly sand on the floor. A light bulp inside the maschine makes every particle visible and creates an sensual and unique experience.

Located in the basement on an area of 120 m², the visitor wanders through the dark and angled place. The sound and the moving lights guide the viewer to the works. Standing in front of the piece, being able to perceive light as a substance. Accompanied by the shadow of falling dust on the floor, the observer gets part of the ruminant scenario. The smell and the feel of the dust on the skin is perceptible without seeing it.

The installation is a system, which is not only showing the physical characteristics of dust and light in it‘s transience, it's  also an approach of the borders of human perception between optical stimuli and physical sensations.